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July 5th Meeting Registration OPEN!!!

makgeolli man 2

Time flies when you’re drinking makgeolli, and it’s already time for our next meeting! This meeting will be a little different from our regular meetings, as the location is quite small and features a round bar.  It’s a very intimate location and we could potentially be the only customers at the time, so we will be keeping numbers strictly small for this road test.

makgeolli man

makgeolli man 3

The location is near Sangsu…

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ZenKimchi Foodcast - Makgeolli, Korea’s Fizzy Brew

Makgeolli School bottles

We are still playing catch-up here at MMPK headquarters, with a lot of new and exciting things in production.  A while back in May, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joe McPherson, of ZenKimchi fame, for an episode of his Foodcast.  Of course the topic of the conversation was our beloved makgeolli, and despite chewing each other’s ears off for a good 40 minutes or so, I’m sure we could have…

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June 14th Meeting Registration Open!!!

nuruk namu 1

nuruk namu 4

It’s that time again Mamas & Papas, and we are very excited for this next meeting.  We got chatting with a regular Papa who visits many of our reviews and also does some exploring himself, and he had a great recommendation for us!  This place is in Insadong, where we are always trying to find good and decent makgeolli bars to take travelers when they are in town after a day of sightseeing.

nuruk namu 3


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Jeondae Gamdaek

Name: Jeondae Gamdaek (전대감댁)

Location: Gyeongbukgung (경북궁)

Reviewed by: Makgeolli Mamas and Papas on 12th April.


Thoughts: Down the winding alleyway near Gyeongbukgung station, passing an intersting mix of traditional market stores and much newer craft beer houses and restruants, you will find the rather unassuming front entrance of Jeondae Gamdaek. What lies inside is a very beautiful,…

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Registration for May 24th Meeting Open!!!!


It’s been a while since we have had a regular MMPK meeting, and we are hankering to find something new.  Ask Naver, and you shall receive!  We found this bar near Seoul National University that seems to make their own liquor, named after the bar.  We are not sure if it is a cheongju or soju, but there is only one way to find out!


They also have an excellent menu of all the usual favorite…

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Intro to Makgeolli Brewing Class May 10th!!!


We were so excited about last April’s enthusiasm for the class, we simply had to follow it up with another!  Actually this is the first class that will kick off our brand new Makgeolli Brewing Mastery Course, which will introduce six intermediate classes for those that want to further their brewing skills.  The first Intermediate class will be held on May 31st, so if you’re brand new to…

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Intro to Brewing Makgeolli Class April 19th!

Draining Rice

Spring is in the air, and we have been in the Susubori lab brewing a lot recently.  There’s nothing better than having a cold, fresh batch of homemade makgeolli in the fridge to enjoy on a warm spring evening.  So it’s time to have another Intro to Brewing Makgeolli class to share the knowledge on how to make you own springtime brew!  As ever the class will be taught by our expat makgeolli…

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MoKoKo (모모코)

Name:  MoKoKo (모모코)

Location: Near Nambu Bus Terminal.

Reviewed By:  Mamas and Papas on 22nd of March


Thoughts:Venturing off the beaten track in a city like Seoul always yields unexpected and memorable results. Getting off at Nambu terminal station and walking through what seems like any other outer district of Seoul past the ubiquitous apartments and little coffee shops leads you to MoKoKo.…

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Registration for April 12th Meeting Open!!!

Geondae Gamdaek inside

Spring has definitely sprung!  Actually we have been saving this destination ever since we stumbled apon it online back in the colder months.  The weather is warming up and we are wanting to get out and enjoy the surrounds, and by the looks of it this place has a big open table to do just that!  It’s old, rustic and traditional in style located not too far from Gyeongbuk-gung Station.

Geondae Gamdaek

It looks…

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Nu Look Plus (누룩 프러스)

Nu Look Plus (누룩 프러스)

Name: Nu Look Plus (누룩 프러스).

Location: Myeong Dong

Reviewed by: Mamas and Papas on 8th February, 2014.

Thoughts: Located in the internationally renowned, bustling commercial district of Myeongdong. This bar echos it’s surroundings with its upmarket feel, slick interior and international clientele. A bit of an anomaly among makgeolli houses it’s vibe positions itself somewhere between a wine bar…

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